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IMOH, the great problem with some small organs is, not surprisingly, lack of variety.   These are some of the deficiencies I often find:

  • One  16′ pedal stop – usually a garden variety Bourdon.   It’s not big enough for full organ, too big for quiet combinations, and usually has very little in its timbre for it to define line.
  • The Great does not work well as an accompaniment division for the Swell.   Usually, there’s only on 8′ flute, and if it’s big enough to support the ensemble, it’s too big to accompany the Swell solo sonorities.
  • These organs often have only one all-purpose reed.   In some cases, it’s a Krummhorn.   In others, its an overdone Oboe (Hautbois, usually, with french shallots).   This reed is too loud or abrasive to be a solo stop, and too thin to serve as a chorus reed (such as a trumpet).
  • There is usually very little tone color – anywhere.  

So, how to we prevent these problems in small instruments (12-20 ranks)?     More to come—->

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