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Martin Ellis, at the console of the great Sanfilippo organ in Chicago

Occasionally, the demands or opportunities of life part us from dear friends and colleagues.

So it is that we must say goodbye to Martin Ellis.  Martin has accepted a professional opportunity that will take him to Portland, Oregon.  I understand that in Portland they have beautiful weather and good food.  Now they also have one more exceptional organist.

Many of you have seen or heard Martin in performance.  He is that rare breed of organist that is at home at a big 4-manual classic organ, or at the gilded horseshoe console of a theater instrument.  You may also have seen some of the videos we have made together and have posted on YouTube.  If not, take a look at www.youtube.com/user/pipeorganman1 for a sample. 

Sunday, Martin played a farewell concert for his friends and members of North United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, where he has been organist for eight years.  We recorded that concert, and will post selections from it in the near future.  This was not his last concert in central Indiana, though.  He is planning several concerts on Reynolds organs that are in the pipeline (pun intended), and will continue his musical partnership with Dr. Randy Freiling, performing the piano/organ concerts which have become so popular.

Martin has been, and remains, a good friend of our firm, which he affectionately refers to as “The Logo.”  We wish him well in his new home and his new endeavors!

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