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March 21st, 2010

“One of these days, I will get around to setting up my blog.   After 35 years in the pipe organ business, there’s a lot I want to say.”

Well, the day has finally arrived!   So now that I have this bright-as-a-penny new blog, how will I use it?

I will use it to discuss, obviously, organs.   I will talk about technical issues.   I will talk about the interesting instruments I encounter.   I will tell cautionary tales (“the names are changed to protect the innocent”) of things I see in the field.   I will talk about the exciting new projects my firm, Reynolds Associates, is doing.

But I will also talk about our prime customer, the church.   Almost immediately, I will ruminate about worship and how the King of Instruments can serve God.

Over time, I will almost certainly make statements or inferences with which some readers will disagree.   As the old song says, “Everybody has the right to be wrong,   at least once.”   I hope you will comment on my posts whether you agree or disagree.     I can learn from you, and so can other readers.

So, here we go….

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