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Finishing the New Knox Organ

August 13th, 2010

To any female readers, let me say that I don’t really know how it feels to give birth, but it must be something like trying to bring a new pipe organ into the world.   I don’t say this to belittle the birth experience, but to say that finishing a new organ requires hard work, patience, pain, and some frustration.   In the end, though, something new and wonderful comes into being.

My instinct tells me that a pipe organ has a soul.   While this may not be the case in the religious sense, it is certainly true that each organ is an individual with a unique personality.   This, to me at least, is one of the main things that separates a pipe organ from electronic instruments that seek to imitate it.

Anyway, we finished the new organ at John Knox Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis this afternoon, and I spent a couple of hours exploring this new musical being.   The new Knox organ will have a life that will hopefully be many decades long.   Still, it is a lot of fun and uniquely inspiring to be with a new organ as it draws its first breath.

More about this organ on the news page of our website, www.reynoldsorgans.com/news.   I will post the info on the dedication concert as soon as it is finalized.

Now… I’m tired!

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