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I am a small businessman.   I like it.   I LOVE IT!   I like the fact that my personal stamp is on everything we do.   I am my own boss, and am therefore allowed to take a day off whenever I want to.   (The last time was about ten years ago).   I can work Saturdays, Sundays, and evenings.   I get to keep the books, do the taxes, write the checks, wash the truck, sweep the floor at the shop, feed the shop kitties (more about this some other time), write reports and proposals, design new organs, redesign old organs, work with vendors, and, of course, build and maintain the magnificent instruments in my charge.

The point to this is that anybody who runs a small business has to be highly motivated.   No small businessperson in 2010, if they want to be successful, can hang the “gone fishin'” sign on the door very often!  

Let’s face it.   Most politicians of both major parties have never even run a paper route.   They don’t know what it is to have to “make” (let alone, figure) payroll.   Being politicians, the term “customer service” is unfamiliar, and the concept that two pipe organs at opposite ends of the state would choose the same Friday to get sick is not in their thinking.

I say this not to make a political statement in this blog.   My wife has sternly warned me to avoid such statements.

But if small businesses, and especially VERY small businesses, are to survive and thrive, we have to be turned loose to do so.   If our leaders really want to help us, they have to ease up on the absurdities that are such time- and money-wasters for us.

Anyway, that’s how this small businessman sees it, after a whole weekend in the office.

Thanks for letting me vent!

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