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May 31st, 2014

I have to admit that in the press of things, I have not posted to this blog as regularly as I should. Often, while trundling down the road in my truck, I think of things I want to share, but keeping up with the office work has made it difficult to sit down and write.

We have recently completed several major projects, which are detailing on our main website, www.reynoldsorgans.com., and starting several others. One of these is a new organ for St. Joseph Catholic Church in Shelbyville, IN. In two days, we will begin dismantling the parish’s 1912 M.P. Moller organ. Most of the pipes from this very elegant old instrument will find a home in the new Reynolds Associates organ, which we hope to complete this fall.

For a number of years, I have wanted to document a project by doing a project blog. I have decided to do this as a separate category of this blog. I will provide the details as soon as I have it worked out. This will NOT be a day-by-day report. But, as interesting things happen, I will try to write about it. Many of our customers, even highly-trained professional organists, have no understanding of the complexity and sheer hard work involved in a major organ project. Please feel free to comment on what you read, or to ask questions. I will provide a few blog entries to bring you up to date.

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