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We have just posted a new YouTube video that shows the rebuilding process for a standard M.P. Moller pitman windchest.   Many people have no idea what is involved in building or renovating a pipe organ, and this video is intended to help.   Plus, the soundtrack is Les Torreadors from Carmen, as played by Randall Frieling and Martin Ellis on the 1968 Moller organ at Central Christian Church in Anderson, IN.   This video is well-worth the few minutes it will take you to view it!


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  1. Jesse Eschbach

    Thaddeus, we were in touch years ago about the Estey at First Presbyterian Warsaw. I’m writing to ask about a Moller project we may undertake here at the University of North Texas. Otto Hofman gave us four Moller chests 15 years ago, and three have been very successfully restored and installed, allowing for additions to our 1924/1949 Moller. Now we are at last thinking about the 7 stop, 61 note Great chest. You can calculate the primaries and note pouches. Regrettably, the chest is missing its stop action, one of the older models where the stop action worked from the side of the chest. What would be a ballpark figure for restoring this chest assuming everything else was intact (bottomboards, magnets, etc)? I want to check on what the Dallas crowd is proposing. Thanks, Jess

  2. Thad


    I apologize for being months late replying to you on this. I have been so busy in the shop and completing my new book (see new posting) that I haven’t been watching the blog and website as I should. I would need to see the chest, especially since you say the stop action is missing. I presume it is a Moller pitman chest. If, on the other hand, it’s a unit chest, and what is missing is actually the relay, that’s a different kettle of fish. I am making some service calls up your way between now and Christmas. Is the chest where I can see it?

    Again, I apologize for missing your note. Check out the new book. It should be “right up your alley!”

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