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We refer to our seven (and a half!) year-old grandson, Jonathan, as our Vice President in charge of Lego projects.      

Sunday, for Easter, we took him with us to North United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, about 70 miles away.   Bubby had never attended a church this large, and he was particularly eager to hear Mr. Ellis (our friend Martin) play the big organ at North.      

The place was packed, and Martin was in great form at the big 4 manual console.   But, as grand as the organ sounded, Jonathan could not actually see Mr. Ellis, because the console is hidden in a well in the chancel.    

Finally, the service was ending.   The Hallelujah Chorus had been sung, and the benediction given.   Jonathan and I sneaked (as he thought) up the stairway to the choir loft as Mr. Ellis started the Widor Toccata.   Those of us who are a bit jaded and think we are above the delights of this really great musical work need to hear it again through the ears of a seven (and a half!) year-old.   We slipped in the doorway, where Jonathan could see as well as hear the music.      

He was transfixed.   You don’t know Bubby, but that’s saying something.   Afterward, he shyly shook Martin’s hand and told him his playing was “cool.”   On the way out the door, Jonathan told everyone he met that we got to go up and see Mr. Ellis play!   His explanation to one and all was that we had “backstage passes,” because Daddy and Grandpa built the organ!   For the life of me, I don’t know where he learned about backstage passes, but I’m glad he was proud of the work his daddy and I did  renovating the big organ I call “The Patriarch.”      

"Aquarium" from Carnival of the Animals, as interpreted by Jonathan Reynolds, age 7 (and a half!)

Then, we went out into the warm sunlight and on to the Indiana State Museum, where Jonathan’s Symphony in Color painting of his impressions of “Aquarium” from Saint-Saen’s Carnival of the Animals was on display, along with the works of the other semi-finalists in the state competition.    

Being someone’s grandpa is huge fun!    


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