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The Seven Last Words

April 30th, 2010

Occasionally, we all wonder why we struggle to pursue whatever it is we have been called to do.   Such introspection is perhaps a necessary part of being human. I don’t build organs to get rich.   I don’t do it because I have some particular academic ax to grind.   I suppose I do […]

Sauerbraten and the Organ

April 4th, 2010

If you love good food, as I do, try to imagine a world in which there was ONLY Mexican food, or ONLY Chinese food, or ONLY German food. Imagine   some “expert” suddenly announcing that only one cooking tradition was acceptable and pure, and basing his opinion on the fact that the greatest chef of […]

Sometimes, when God speaks, we have no choice but to pay attention. I was in the fourth grade.   My mother had received a note from the music director at our church inviting me to join the children’s choir, which met every Friday afternoon after school.   Thad Reynolds, age 10, had absolutely no interest […]

It's the REAL Thing

April 1st, 2010

Our culture has done much to blur the distinction between the authentic article and the clever fake.   By many, it is considered a high compliment to say that something is “realistic.”   In fact, the suffix on the word “real” completely reverses its meaning.   Something that is “realistic” is something that is ultimately […]

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