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  RMS Titanic I have scheduled this post to appear on the Reynolds Organ Blog, “Wild Air,” at exactly 1:17 am on April 15, 2012.   Correcting for shipboard time vs. Eastern Daylight Time, this is posting on the 100th anniversary of the exact moment that the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean closed over […]

We refer to our seven (and a half!) year-old grandson, Jonathan, as our Vice President in charge of Lego projects.       Sunday, for Easter, we took him with us to North United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, about 70 miles away.   Bubby had never attended a church this large, and he was particularly […]

Alive and Well

April 1st, 2012

          As I travel through the organ world, I sometimes get comments from well-meaning and uninformed folks that seem to imply that my work is about as timely as that of a typewriter repairman.   Even more frustrating is opening my Sunday morning newspaper, the Marion, IN Chronicle-Tribune, to find an […]

The Veil

July 21st, 2011

“Out of the dim daylight, out of the dim silence broken by the chanting of a choir in response to the thunder of the organ, a veil is woven for God, and the brightness of His attributes shines through it.”   Honore de Balzac Last week, I attended a funeral. Some funerals are more shocking […]

New Indianapolis Theater Organ

August 16th, 2010

I am NOT an expert in the theater organ.   It is a parallel universe to the classical organ world of which I am a part, with its own set of building and performance rules and techniques.   That said, as an organ builder, I do know good workmanship when I see (and hear) it, […]

Finishing the New Knox Organ

August 13th, 2010

To any female readers, let me say that I don’t really know how it feels to give birth, but it must be something like trying to bring a new pipe organ into the world.   I don’t say this to belittle the birth experience, but to say that finishing a new organ requires hard work, […]

The Seven Last Words

April 30th, 2010

Occasionally, we all wonder why we struggle to pursue whatever it is we have been called to do.   Such introspection is perhaps a necessary part of being human. I don’t build organs to get rich.   I don’t do it because I have some particular academic ax to grind.   I suppose I do […]

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